Standard lectures
For those attending guided tours for several days, we recommend an introductory lecture. The 75-minute presentation “Barcelona: urban development and strategies” will lead you into the history of the city and the current urban strategies of Barcelona. An ideal basis for the visits to follow.

Premium lectures

We also offer specific presentations concerning subjects related to architecture and urban planning in and around Barcelona. Hans Geilinger, lecturer at the HSZ-T Zürich, and long time guest speaker at several Institutes in Europe can also lecture on other specific subjects referred to Barcelona as well as on general subjects concerning urban planning, city phenomenology and architecture.


  • BCN_1690.gif
    Barcelona 1960
  • BCN_1751.gif
    Barcelona 1751
  • BCN_1906.gif
    Barcelona 1906
  • BCN_1934_PlanMacia.gif
    Plan Macià, Josep Torres i Clavé & GATCPAC, 1934
  • BCN_1934_PlanMacia_Eixample.gif
    Plan Macià, Josep Torres i Clavé & GATCPAC, 1934
  • BCN_1950_PlanComarcal.gif
    Plan Comarcal, 1953
  • BCN_1978_Decentralidades.gif
    Plan Àrees de nova centralidad, 1986